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  • Model and Type

    -Solar T-62T-32. Turboshaft, 1-stage centrifugal compressor annular combustor,1-stage turbine.


    -Radial air intake between compressor and reduction gearbox Single-entry impeller mounted back-to-back with turbine wheel on home shaft supported in ball thrust and roller bearings. air mass flow 2.2 Ib/sec. 


    -Radial inflow type. Turbine wheel with integral vanes and exhaust in center. Max exhaust temperature 1,180 F (638C) at 61,091 rpm. 


    -Fixed area outlet at rear of turbine.

    Power outlet

    -Reduction gearbox at front of unit. Output shaft 6,000 rpm.

    Fuel system

    -1 Adel fuel pump 600 psi fuel control.


    -High-energy capacitor discharge ignition. 1 igniter.


    -Return system. 15 -65psi. Integral oil tank.

    Width and height

    -16.81in and 21.375in


    -33.41 in

    Weight with gearbox

    -142 Ib (dry)

    Power weight

    1.25 shp/Ib

    Fuel spec

    -Diesel, Kerosene, JP-1 or JP-4

    Fuel consumption

    -1.3 Ib/shp/hr

    Oil spec

    -Mil -L- 23699, L-7808

    Oil Consumption

    -0.02 phr

    Rating Max cont.

    -160shp/61,091 rpm/sea level