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    Jet it !!!

    Frankfurt Aero 2010 links
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    The Ultrasport 496T helicopter is an experimental class helicopter that is now available with an optional turbine retrofit powerplant produced by L.A.E. based in Cyprus.

    The turbine engine is a solar T62 T32, manufactured as a true helicopter engine which never came to fruition and is now used by us for this application. It is rated at 160 HP continuous power, giving the ultrasport 496T an exceptional power to weight ratio.

    All components relating to the retrofit are of aero-space grade 7075 T6 billet aluminum, CNC precision machined.

    There are two on-board computers that are responsible for total management of the turbine engine.

    Also included within the parameters of the computers is a very precise and dependable governor to control any preset % rpm.

    There is a fully automatic start sequencer which takes care of all critical engine parameters during start-up.

    Programmed into the computers is a self diagnostic mode, should any fault present itself. Therefore there are no "brown-outs" programmed into the software, only colour LEDs, depending on the severity of the fault.

    The fuel used by this engine is either kerosene or diesel, depending on availability.

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