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    Benefits of the Ultrasport 496T Helicopter:

    - High power to weight ratio

    - The stability and reliability of a jet engine

    - Easy and low cost maintenance featuring:

    "silver box", a system developed to record all the necessary parameters of the engine for the last 4 hours of operation in increaments of 1 second- downloadable to your labtop using a usb cable

    great after sales support both for technical and operational issues

    wire harness is made from the finest aircraft grade tefzel wire

    electrical umbilical chord is detached from airframe by a single amphinol milspec multipin electrical connector, designed for easy installation

    - Pilot friendly operation featuring:

    full authority digital engine control (FADEC)

    fully automatic start sequencer

    very precise and dependable governor

    self diagnostic function for faults or malfunctions

    one button engine kill switch

    Drawbacks of the Ultrasport 496T Helicopter:

    - It just doesn't like sitting on the ground!

    Uses of the Ultrasport 496T Helicopter

    - Recreational flying

    - Agricultural, Forestry Operations, Frost Control etc

    - Aerial Spraying, Seeding, Fertilising

    - Aerial Filming

    - Aerial Photography

    - Fishing fleet observation, fish spotting

    - Air Transport

    - Pilot Training

    - Farm Services

    - Scenic Flights

    - GPS Mapping

    - Powerline Inspections

    - Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspections

    - Cattle Herding Operations

    - Traffic watch

    - Police Reconnaissance

    - Heli-hunting, Heli-fishing and many more

    For more information please feel free to contact our sales department:

    Larnaca Cyprus